Richest Research Sources

1. Trading Economics

2. GDP Statistics by Country
International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook database

3. Latest Global Trade Statistics
World's Top Exports (WTEx)

4. Trade Partners by Country
CIA World Factbook

5. USA Trade Goods by Country
Census Bureau Foreign Trade Statistics
Richest European Countries

  5. Germany: 100-Prime
  6. Russia: 43-Speculative
  9. United Kingdom: 95-High grade
10. France: 90-High grade
12. Italy: 60-Lower medium grade
15. Spain: 62-Lower medium grade
17. Turkey: 44-Speculative
24. Poland: 67-Lower medium grade
28. Netherlands: 100-Prime
37. Belgium: 88-High grade
39. Switzerland: 100-Prime
Richest Asian Countries (with world ranking)

  1. China: 80-Upper medium grade
  3. India: 48-Speculative
  4. Japan: 78-Upper medium grade
  8. Indonesia: 46-Speculative
13. South Korea: 84-Upper medium grade
20. Thailand: 63-Lower medium grade
22. Taiwan: 82-Upper medium grade
25. Pakistan: 19-Extremely speculative
27. Malaysia: 66-Lower medium grade
29. Philippines: 53-Non-investment grade
33. Bangladesh: 40-Speculative
Richest South American Countries

  7. Brazil: 34-Highly speculative
26. Argentina: 15-Extremely speculative
31. Colombia: 52-Non-investment grade
41. Venezuela: 5-Little prospect for default recovery
44. Chile: 78-Upper medium grade
47. Peru: 60-Lower medium grade
65. Ecuador: 29-Highly speculative
92. Bolivia: 38-Highly speculative
93. Cameroon: 30-Highly speculative
94. Yemen: not provided
95. Uruguay: 56-Lower medium grade
102. Paraguay: 41-Speculative
Richest African Countries

21. Nigeria: 28-Highly speculative
23. Egypt: 28-Highly speculative
30. South Africa: 49-Speculative
34. Algeria: not provided
57. Morocco: 54-Non-investment grade
64. Angola: 41-Speculative
69. Ethiopia: 31-Highly speculative
74. Kenya: 20-Substantial risks
75. Tanzania: not provided
79. Tunisia: 44-Speculative
80. Ghana: 31-Highly speculative
85. Libya: not provided
Richest North American Countries

  2. United States: 97-High grade
11. Mexico: 60-Lower medium grade
16. Canada: 99-High grade
Richest Oceania Countries

19. Australia: 97-High grade
68. New Zealand: 90-High grade
Richest Middle Eastern Countries

14. Saudi Arabia: 86-High grade
18. Iran: not provided
32. United Arab Emirates: 90-High grade
36. Iraq: 25-Highly speculative
55. Israel: 76-Upper medium grade
Only 4 countries achieved the top 100 score
Ordered starting with countries with greatest GDP
Credit risk ratings calculated by Trading Economics, an independent third-party research firm
Sorted from Highest Credit-Worthy Scores
Credit Risk Ratings for Richest Countries
Richest Scandinavian Countries

38. Sweden: 99-High grade
48. Norway: 99-High grade
60. Denmark: 100-Prime
Richest Nordic Countries

62. Finland: 96-High grade
148. Iceland: 55-Lower medium grade
Credit worthiness of a country scores between 100 (riskless) and 0 (likely to default)